Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Coupon Book Tutorial

This is a tutorial for altering a 4x6 picture album into a "fashionable" coupon book. They make perfect gifts too. I will be giving one to my mom for Christmas.

1. Purchase a 4x6 photo album. I went to Walmart and bought mine for $1 (shown below). Take the front cover insert out and measure it for your paper base.
2. Stamp Melanie the Shopper onto white cardstock. I also stamped her "bags" onto 3 different pieces of pattern paper. You do not need to reink the whole stamp for this step, just the area of the purse you are stamping.
3. Use colored pencils or markers to color in Melanie's hair and flesh. I used colored pencils.
4. Cut out the purses and headband. Adhere them with liquid glue onto the stamped image on the white cardstock. Mat this with black cardstock and then onto the pattern paper that was measured the same as the 4x6 insert. Slip this into the protective cover.
5. Make a list of categories that you want for your coupon book. Punch out enough tabs for each of your categories. Write the categories on each of the tags and then fold them in half.
6. Staple the tabs onto the outer right edge of the album pages.
7. You can now start sorting coupons and enjoy!

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  1. Cute idea. I love the animal prints you used, fun project.