Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Adding a little something...

Card Created using Nov 10th's Card Sketch

When I first created this card, I looked at it for a long time. Something was missing. Hours later, it still sat there, waiting for me to have an epiphany... Finally I sneezed, and reached for a kleenex... and that's when I had the idea!

I cut small pieces of Kleenex and added it to the card, with Glossy accents glue.

here are some suggestions on jazzing up other Rubber Romance Stamps:

Perhaps you could use some FlowerSoft or cotton balls to add texture to Trisha's towel.

Bunnie Girl would benefit from some Velvet Flock Powder on her robe and slippers

Puffy Velvet markers would make Diva Chef's cake look delish!!

no matter how you chose to jazz up your stamped images, I'd love to see them!
Happy Creating!