Monday, June 7, 2010

Tutorial - clear cards

Good morning everyone.  It's Wendy here today.  The Rubber Romance girls are so sophisticated and modern. What better way to send a hip handmade card than to make them clear?

It is easy to do, with the plethora of transparencies out on the market. Make sure they are thick enough to stand up on their own when tented.

The trick to clear cards is to remember you have to work with both sides of each addition so as to hide the adhesive tracks, etc. Thus, when cutting paper, remember to cut TWO, one for your image or element, and one for the back side.

Here, since it is the end of the school year and I need to make thank you cards, I chose the Teacher Teacher image.

Cut your card base just like any other card. Score in the middle, using a bone folder to make the fold extra crisp. Here, I am using a transparency from Luxe.

Color your image and cut into rectangle.

Matte the image to give it a frame on the clear card front. To make the letters look more chalk like, trace over them with a white gel pen. Cut a corresponding piece of paper of the same size.

Place your image to approximately where you want it on the card and punch a hole on the left side.

Weave your ribbon through the hole and tie a bow.  Next, adhere the image to the top, and with your corresponding piece of paper, adhere THAT piece to the exact other side of where you adhered the image on the inside of the cover of the card - this hides the adhesive tracks.  Cut a plain piece of white paper for the inside to write a message, and adhere. Adhere a corresponding piece to the backside of that sheet to hide the adhesive track.  Finally, punch your message and adhere. Attach corresponding piece to back side to hide the adhesive.

You're done! A quick card, but unusual with visual punch.

 Thanks for stopping by.


  1. Very cute Wendy, I love acetate cards!

  2. Hi Robin

    Please can you contact me on - I still have an old email address of yours and can't seem to find a contact email anywhere on your blog or Etsy site. Thanks so much. Ronita

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