Friday, January 8, 2010

Tutorial - Magnet Board Stand

Good morning everyone! It's Wendy here, and today, we're making a magnet board stand.

This is a sheet of roofing flashing that you can buy at the home improvement store for under $5 a sheet. It's approximately the same size as letter sized paper. Be careful when handling - the edges are sharp.
Put the bottom edge of it over your table and carefully push down, creating a fold.

Now, your flashing is a "stand"

From there, its on to decorating. Adhere paper to the front, and then wrap it around like a present. You need to wrap those sharp edges.
Cover the gap in back with another sheet of paper.
Now, color your rubber romance image - this one is Diva Chef
And then simply decorate the top of the board any way you wish. I'm using mine for recipes, so I'm keeping it flat because it has a sealant over it to protect the paper.

And here it is in action - with a recipe magneted up. Enjoy.

Thanks for stopping by.
(original concept to use the flashing for magnet base is the brilliant idea from crystle torvinen)


  1. What a fantastic idea, Wendy!! Love it :)

  2. Great idea, would make a terrific gift for anyone who loves to cook.