Friday, October 16, 2009

Tutorial - Solid Image Stamping

When you have solid image stamps like the dress on Melanie the Shopper, you don't have to be limited to ink colors for your choices - you can still have patterns. How? Dye inks are slightly sheer. Choose a light color that will still show up over a subtly patterned print. Be sure to test it out on a scrap to make sure your ink will show up and that your print is not so busy that it overwhelms your image.

Here's a close up of Melanie:

The pink actually doesn't look all that hot on the slightly gray-ish background like that. But after you cut the solid parts out and piece your image - its really pretty...

Its still a little "floaty" on the edges so outline with a black pen to confine it a bit

Then make up your card like always....

Enjoy. Wendy


  1. great tutorial, Wendy & I love the card!! great colors :)

  2. This is awesome! Thanks so much for these tutorials!

  3. Great idea Wendy, I never thought of this. Off to try it today!