Saturday, May 9, 2009

Our New Diva Designs!!

Have you seen out latest Diva's?? They are so cute, I am sure you will find one that suits you! We have birthday girl Denise. Debbie is taking a trip. Michelle is not well. Marcie has something to say! Katie has a whole bunch of balloons. Hyacinth is in her garden.

Remember all my Divas are legitimate, they all have names! You will find these little darlings unmounted for sale on my etsy site at this time. But they will be coming to your local stamp store soon. Just ask your local stamp dealer for "Rubber Romance Stamps".

We also welcome and encourage all your craft ideas using our rubber stamps! We would love to see them posted here on our blog! We are looking to form a design team as well. So.....get to work!! Contests, prizes, all kinds of surprises are on the way!

Oh my GOSH!!!! I almost forgot!!! We want your ideas on the next Diva designs! If we pick your idea you will receive that stamp free!!! So let us know what ideas are lurking in those creative brains out there!

That's it for now! Happy stamping!!


  1. I'm so happy you finally have a blog. I love your stamps! I have a lot of them, you probably remember me for my orders. LOL!. :~) How do we go about sharing creations with you? Email??
    Shannon in CA,

  2. Yippeeeeee!! I love that you have a blog set up now!!!

    How do you want us to share our work with you? I am really really interested in pursuing design team work for you and would love to share my diva creations with you. I'm going to stamp the night away and get them posted on my blog.

    Love the divas! Keep 'em coming!!!

  3. Hurray! So glad you now have a blog. I love all of your designs and placed yet another order this morning....! Keep up the good work! ~♥~

  4. I'm so excited you guys have a blog now. Now I have a legitimate way to stalk Can't wait to see more.

  5. hey, i've been pondering the request for ideas for divas, and one that would be really relevant to me is a diva at a computer with a cup of

    and i've always wanted a cute image of a gal on a swing or tire swing.

  6. I would love to have a Diva walking a black lab! I have two of them and they are my 'kids' so that would be a great stamp!

  7. Love that you have a blog now! And I can't wait to get your new Divas!

    As for ideas, I would love a Diva reading a book sitting on a chaise lounge with a glass of something yummy or a baking Diva, a dancer, one playing the violin or an artist.

  8. love your stamps....just ordered a "grab bag" last night...can't wait to get it & stamp a diva!...

    will you be posting more DT info?....

  9. Hi! Love your stuff too, as you very well know! :) I would LOVE a bridesmaid stamp..maybe a girl holding a bouquet under her chin and wearing a tea length dress (not to be too specific..just obvious that it's a bridemaid not a bride!) I think it would be great for me to use for bridemaids books as a bundle with my wedding planners. I'll share other ideas too!

  10. I am SO excited to see some new Diva's!!!! OMGosh they are SUPER Cute...

  11. I love Kelli's comment about a Diva on a swing...very old school.
    Like everyone else, I love your stamps. I send out stamped images to many of my friends and rave about them. I am so tickled you have a blog now as well.
    Can't wait to get my new ladies in the post!!
    Thanks again, Robin! You are a star!